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Haitian Immigrant’s Ambition Paves Way to Success
In 1994, I began a journey, following the legacy of immigrants who have moved to the United States. Like many, I was searching for streets paved with gold. But when I arrived from the shores of Haiti to the Port of Miami, I found hot, sun-bleached roads paved with little opportunity. 

Posted March 7, 2004 



‘Talented 20 Plan’ is Only an Obstacle to Florida Higher Education
Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's One Florida plan is a silly idea that is poised to have deleterious effects on the state higher education system.  Gov. Bush's "Talented 20" program is a well planned scheme to deny qualified minorities equal opportunities to achieve their educational goals. 

Posted April 01, 2001


Diversity Problem Present at UF 
We must admit that diversity is indeed a difficult issue that needs to be dealt with in a civilized manner.  Because the issue of diversity is a ubiquitous institutionalized problem, the law school should make it clear that it cannot solve it overnight. Yet today's student leaders, faculty and administrators can lay the foundation for radical future changes.

February 21, 2001 



Challenges Await for  FIU College of Law 
Miami was the only major metropolitan city without a public law school. Now that FIU has established its college of law, everyone needs to work together to build a fine program focusing on public services and transnational issues such as drug shipment, illegal immigration, and contraband. The location of the college of law and concentration areas will make FIU one of the most important law programs in the country. Though FIU has been successful in most of its ventures, this time putting together an outstanding program is a serious challenge. Read Article    

March 13, 2001


Solving Clients’ Problems: The Difficulties in  Predicting Courts’ Decisions: A lawyer who fails to investigate how a judge feels about an issue from an ideology perspective is unlikely to make a good prediction. While judges are bound to decide like cases in like manners, they have discretionary choices to apply a different rule as long as they appropriately justify their decisions. The Docket is the John Marshall Bar Association's Newsletter at UF Levin College of Law.   

February 22, 2002



Presidential Politics: It Is Immigration, Stupid

In this presidential election year, the defining issue is the economy. But, in November, immigration is the issue that will put Barack Obama or the Republican nominee over the top.

January 30, 2012

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