Contributions to Law Reviews & Other Scholarly Journals

Larry R. Fleurantin, The Duel Between Reversible Error and Preservation: Florida Supreme Court to Have Last Word  on Family Law Cases with Inadequate Statutorily-Required Findings, 31 University of Florida Journal of Law & Public Policy 213 (2021). Updated August 2021

Larry R. Fleurantin and Manu Davidson, Attorneys' Fees on Appeal: Misapplication of the Law of the Case Raises Procedural and Substantive Due Process Concerns, 90 Florida Bar Journal 49 (March 2016).

Larry R. Fleurantin, The Debate Continues on Whether to Remand Family Law Cases with Inadequate Findings, 86 Florida Bar Journal 27 (May 2012).

Larry R. Fleurantin, Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies in Immigration Cases: Finding Jurisdiction to Review Unexhausted Claims the Board of Immigration Appeals Considers Sua Sponte on Merits, 34 Cumberland American Journal of Trial Advocacy 301 (2010). [SSRN]  

Larry R. Fleurantin, Immigration Law: Nowhere to Turn—Illegal Aliens Cannot Use the Freedom of Information Act as a Discovery Tool to Fight Unfair Removal Hearings,  16 Cardozo Journal of Int’l & Comparative Law 155 (2008) [SSRN]  

Dr. Berg P. Hyacinthe, PhD. and Larry R. Fleurantin,  Initial Supports to Regulate Information Warfare’s Potentially Lethal Technologies and Techniques, Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Information Warfare and Security at the Peter Kiewit Institute, University of  Nebraska, Omaha, USA. pp 203-212 (2008). [SSRN

Newspaper / Op-Ed Articles 

Haitian Immigrant’s Ambition Paves Way to Success, Florida Sun-Sentinel, March 07, 2004.

Solving Clients’ Problems: The Difficulties in  Predicting Courts’ Decisions, Docket, February 22, 2002​.

‘Talented 20 Plan’ is Only an Obstacle to Florida Higher Education, Gainsville Sun, April 01, 2001.

Challenges Await for  FIU College of Law, Beacon, FIU, March 13, 2001​.

Diversity Problem Present at UF, Florida Independent Alligator, Feb. 21, 2001.

Notable Research Projects

Comment, International Law: The Clashes Between Universal Jurisdiction and Sovereign Immunity in Prosecuting War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity: Democratic Republic of Congo v. Belgium in Perspective (2002). This Comment was a winner of the Florida Journal of International Law Fall 2002 Open-Writing Competition. 

Senior Honors Thesis:  Political Decentralization in Haiti: The Conflict Between Nationalists and Neo-liberal Reformers (2000).  Ronald W. Cox (Chair), FIU.