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Civil, Family and Criminal Appeals in State and Federal Courts, Administrative and Immigration...

State and Federal Court Litigation, Contract Disputes, Insurance Disputes, Product Liability More

Slip and Fall, Premises Liability, Car Accidents, Commercial Truck Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents...

Sales of Real Estate, Purchase Contracts, Other Real Estate Transactions, Foreclosure Defense,...

Divorce, Child Support, Time Sharing, Distribution of Property, Paternity, Visitation, Modification...

Family and Marriage Petitions, Permanent Residence, Adjustment of Status, Travel documents,...

Bankruptcy: Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13, Debt Relief, Alternative to Bankruptcy

Criminal Charges, Felonies, Misdemeanors, White Collar Defense, Expungement

Representation Before State and Federal Agencies, Government Contracts, Local Government Litigation...

Wills, Estate Planning, Revocable Trusts: Special Needs, AB & Charitable, Estate Tax Law,...

Fleurantin, Francois & Antonin, P.A. 

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We believe in challenging the status quo in our law practice. The way we challenge the status quo is by using our educational background, in and out of courtroom experience to further the interests of our clients.  That's who we are and that's what we do at Fleurantin, Francois & Antonin, P.A.  We get better results when our clients actively participate in the process.  We are competent, skilled, and experienced lawyers who have obtained great results against major banks, corporations, insurance companies and their large law firms. When it comes to defending our clients' individual and property rights, we are fearless, as we have successfully litigated against the state and federal governments. We welcome the opportunity to establish an attorney-client relationship with you.

We are a preeminent and dynamic law firm that practices primarily civil litigation and appeals with a focus on personal injury, car accidents, premises liability, real estate, foreclosure, family law and immigration law. We are here to serve you with first class representation whether you are a plaintiff who has suffered a legal wrong or a party who has to defend a legal suit. We have the right tools, courtroom experience, and dedication to effectively and persuasively represent your interests.

PERSONAL INJURY: Please contact an experienced personal injury attorney at 305-944-7220 or request a case evaluation via our website by clicking  here.  
APPEALS: Some of the appeals we have handled involve multi-million dollar disputes. We accept referrals from individuals and trial lawyers, and provide support in all stages of appeals. We offer representation including brief writing & oral argument in civil, criminal, family and administrative appeals. If you have an adverse decision you want to appeal, please contact us for a case evaluation.